Laser Engraving & Customization Service


🔹 Character Limits:

  • Rings: Up to 8 characters (letters or numbers).
  • Earrings: Up to 4 characters (due to their petite nature).
  • Bracelets & Necklaces: Maximum of 4 characters.

🔹 Things to Note:

  • Every space, punctuation, or decimal counts as a character.
  • For a ♥, specify "Heart". For a ♡, use "Hollow Heart".
  • Ordering multiple items? Specify for each, e.g., 'Engrave Bracelet: Jane'. For uniform engravings on all items, note 'Engrave All: Love'.
  • Interested in a unique look? Request with "Vertical: Jake" for vertical engravings.

🔹 Important: Customizing adds a unique touch, but please note:

  • Engravings might affect an item's resale value.
  • Items with engravings cannot be returned.