Moissanite and Diamonds: A Dazzling Rivalry

When we talk about moissanite, many think of diamonds. But did you know? In some ways, moissanite not only rivals diamonds but even surpasses them. Here's a simple comparison to help you delve deeper into these two beautiful gems:

Attributes Moissanite (Score) Diamonds (Score) Winner
Fire 2.4 1.0 πŸ”₯(Moissanite)
Hardness 9.25 10 πŸ’Ž(Diamonds)
Luster 5.0 5.0 βš–οΈ(Tie)
Refractive Index 5 4 🌈(Moissanite)

Whether you choose moissanite or diamonds, each gem has its own unique story and allure. Now, pick the perfect accessory for yourself!