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Engraved Matching Bracelets

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    Unique Engraving Ideas

    Personalize Your TWLE Jewelry with Unique Engraving Ideas:

    • Combine Initials with Love (J+M, J β™‘ M)
    • Bond Full Names (Emily β™‘ Ethan)
    • Commemorate a Memorable Date (∞ 12/25/2021 ∞)
    • Eternize the Moment in Roman Numerals (XII.XXV.MMXXI)

    Choose from Romantic Phrases that Speak Volumes:

    • Eternally Yours
    • Together Forever, in Every Way
    • Our Love Story Never Ends

    Add a Personal Touch with:

    • Inspiring Quotes
    • Favorite Movie Lines
    • Lyrics from Beloved Songs

    Remember, you can use letters, numbers, classic Roman numerals, and poignant symbols like hearts (β™‘) and the infinity sign (∞). Emojis are not available for engraving. The preview is just a starting point, and the final product may have slight variations.


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    Custom pieces showcase your unique preferences. If there’s an oversight on our part such as a product error or quality issues, we’re here to make it right. Please get in touch within 72 hours of receiving your item, and we'll provide a prompt solution.

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    Engraved Matching Bracelets

    Product Details

    Jewelry Box

    Couples' Engraved Bracelet Set ✨

    Symbolize your everlasting connection with our matching ID bracelets – a testament to love, partnership, and shared memories. Perfectly crafted for both him and her, they can be personalized with names, significant dates, or cherished quotes. Celebrate milestones like birthdays and anniversaries, or convey your heartfelt appreciation on Valentine's Day or as a bridesmaid gift. With every glance, rekindle the special moments that bind you.

    🌟 Features:

    • Handcrafted Excellence: Made with 14k gold-plated Titanium Steel.
    • Chic Design: Classic Cuban link, 5mm wide.
    • Enduring: Waterproof and adjustable for a perfect fit.
    • Customizable: Engrave a memory, make it yours.

    Each bracelet set arrives in an elegantly designed gift box, awaiting that special moment of unboxing 🎁.

    Handcrafted Distinction

    Each piece we lovingly handcraft is a testament to uniqueness and cherished memories. Created by our dedicated artisans, these aren't just accessories; they are timeless keepsakes that echo personal stories. Embrace our handcrafted designs, and wear a one-of-a-kind reflection of your journey.

    Jewelry Care Tips

    Loving your jewelry? Here’s a brief guide to keep them shining bright:

    1. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and heat.
    2. Daily Wear: Remove during heavy tasks, workouts, or swims to prevent damage.
    3. Cleaning: Gently clean with a soft cloth and soapy water when needed.
    4. Chemicals: Remove jewelry before applying perfumes or lotions.
    5. Child & Pet Safety: Keep away from tiny hands and playful paws.
    6. Professional Check: Consider a professional inspection for gemstones and settings periodically.

    For any further assistance, feel free to reach out to us. Your cherished pieces deserve the best care!


    In every TWLE creation, your stories shine. As a co-founder, I'm dedicated to crafting pieces that reflect your life's most cherished moments, turning them into wearable art.

    Zoe, Co-Founder of TWLE

    Our jewelry at TWLE isn't just crafted; it's narrated. As the Design Director, my goal is to weave your personal tales into each piece, celebrating your unique journey with elegance.

    James, Design Director at TWLE

    The necklace is soo precious, thank you!! Thank you so much for adding my request to the backside!! The gift recipient will adore this beautiful piece!

    Customer Review by Amber

    A super charming gift. Very successful and beautiful.

    Customer Review by P A.

    TWLE pieces are more than just accessories; they're style statements. My clients love how each item uniquely captures their essence.

    Emily, Fashion Consultant